Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell

The center was established in 2010 and is located at Hjerkinn. Externally we offer information and guidance to the pilgrims, internally we coordinate the work with the Pilgrim Trail in 4 municipalities from Dovre in the south to Orkland in the north.

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Contact informasjon:



Phone:(+47) 91143651
Adress:Hjerkinnhusveien 33, N-2661 Hjerkinn
Open:June 15th - September 1st. (pilgrim season) in Eystein Church

September 1st - June 15th
Weekdays at Besøksenter Villrein, (appointment)

(off season, we are often out checking the trails. If you plan to visit the office, please, call in advance to make sure that someone is there to open for you).
Phone +47 911 43 651


1) Don't cross the Dovre mountain before the snow has melted.
Until the beginning of June, the route is "technically closed" over Dovrefjell, which means: it lacks infrastructure such as bridges, open hostels and has no visible markings. In addition, there is deep snow and subzero temperatures, usually well into June. We strongly advise against seeking out the Pilegrimsleden over the mountain during this period, it is not suitable for walking. In addition to a lot of snow, the rivers have ice water (cold meltwater), and cannot be waded across. Bridges over the rivers Hondyrju and Vesle Hondyrju will be laid out approx. June 10th.

Also: As a result of the snow conditions, many accommodations on the Dovre mountain remain closed until mid-June.

If you plan to hike Pilegrimsleden earlier, we strongly recommend taking the train across Dovrefjell to avoid having to walk parts of the route along the motorway. Between Dombås and Hjerkinn, you can use the path for the Tour de Dovre cycling route. Contact us for furter information, +47 911 43 651.

From April/May to early June, it is calving season for wild reindeer in the area. During this period, activity in the mountains is discouraged.

2) Luggage transport is offered on Dovrefjell from Dovre to Kongsvold. Price NOK 150,- pr per piece of luggage, per day.
Must be ordered within 8PM the day before. Use sms +47 92629942 or e-mail:anne.stine.ekre@gmail.com

3) Luggage transport from Kongsvold to Skaun. Price NOK 150,- pr kolli per day. (Minimum 400,-/600,-)
Must be ordered within 8PM the day before. Use sms +47 911 43651 or e-mail:dovrefjell@pilegrimssenter.no

4) Guidebook for sale.
'Pilegrimsleden fra Dovre til Trondheim - En kulturhistorisk guide'
Price NOK 250,- Can be ordered from dovrefjell@pilegrimssenter.no

5) Ryphusan is not open for groups. You can contact Oppdal Taxi for transport from Ryphusan. 'Pilgrims price' is for daytime, ordered in advance. ( 1day)
Call + 47 72 42 12 05 for booking.
Price 1-4 persons NOK 790,- 5-8 persons NOK 990,-
The price is the same for stop at Smegarden or all the way to Oppdal.
Call Pilegrim Center Dovrefjell + 47 911 43 651 if you have questions or any problems. We can book for you.

Historic location

Dovrefjell is a well-known and famous mountain range in Norway. Myths, hunting and traffic are words that describe this famous mountain pass. Dovre is mentioned in the oldest stories we have about Norway - about the discovery of the country, about kings and the underground. The last remnants of the old European wild reindeer tribe are found on Dovrefjell and it has been an important resource from the last ice age until modern times. And throughout history, people have crossed the mountain, and shortly after the fall of Olav the Holy at Stiklestad, the pilgrims became an important part of the travelers. Sælehus was built and later mountain lodges to give travelers shelter from the weather and wind. In addition to beautiful nature, you will find traces of ancient hunting culture and you follow in the footsteps of pilgrims who have walked over the mountains before you.

Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

Pilgrim's offer

Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell provides updated information about the pilgrimage route over Dovrefjell and on to Trondheim. If you are going to go early in the season, it is especially important to get in touch and get information about the conditions at Dovrefjell. The center provides guidance in planning trips, both for individual hikers and for groups. The center also offers lectures on pilgrimage and pilgrimage traditions. During the season, you will find us in Eystein Church on Hjerkinn and if you need luggage transport, we offer it.

The center's operating model

Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell is an independent member organization with its own board. Municipalities, congregations, accommodation and pilgrim associations can become members. This means that it is the members who own the center and who, through the elected board, are responsible for operations. Annual operating funds receive the center from the National Pilgrim Center, which distributes the funds allocated from the Ministry of Culture's budget.

Cooperation between many actors

Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell is responsible for the Gudbrandsdalsleden through the following municipalities; Dovre, Oppdal, Rennebu and Orkland. In its internal work, the center has placed great emphasis on the cooperation between the various actors on the trail. An arrangement has been established with contact persons in each municipality. These are responsible for the trail being cleared and well marked. A network of all accommodation establishments in the region has been established with meetings to coordinate the work. The center also has a good collaboration with Trøndelag and Innlandet county municipalities and with the churches in the four municipalities.

Every autumn, the center invites to the Dovrefjell Conference, it brings together all the actors on the trail and helps to build a good network between those who are responsible for the trail or who offer their services along the trail.

Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl

Municipality Brochures

In collaboration with the municipalities of Dovre, Oppdal, Rennebu and Orkland, the Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell prepares annual information brochures. Municipal information for pilgrims is in mailboxes posted at each municipal boundary. Here the pilgrims will find updated information about accommodation, shops, churches and various events. We hope that in this way we help the pilgrims to find what they need in each municipality. The brochures are intended as a supplement to the information the pilgrims find in the guidebooks.


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