Borås Farm

Boras farm is an active farm with meat production of beef. The farm has its roots hundreds of years back in time.

Phone:+47 74805126 / +47 47840225 / +47 47830801
Prizes:Bed 200,- NOK
Made bed 300,- NOK
Dinner and breakfast: 100,- NOK. Self-catering
Open:All year

The hostel is located right next to a stone monument erected on the spot where two British bombers were shot down by the battleship Tirpiz in April 1942.

Solfrid and Ola on Boras farm offers 10 beds in an old farm house which was restored in the year 2000. The hostel has toilet and shower.

Food (dinner and bread) can be purchased at the farm and cooked in a kitchen in the hostel. The pilgrims may buy homemade whole wheat bread for breakfast and lunch from Solfrid.

The hosts will appreciate that the pilgrims book in advance, preferably by e-mail.