Administrative center in Nord-Fron municipality and place of origin for Ibsens Per Gynt character

Vinstra is the administrative center in Nord-Fron municipality in Oppland with approx. 2,500 inhabitants. Vinstra is an important trade and school center in Gudbrandsdalen, with high school and long traditions in education. It is approx. 80 shops at Vinstra, and its also a center for banking, property sales, insurance, agricultural machinery and other trades.

Peder Olsen Hågå from Vinstra was the model for the main character in Henrik Ibsen's dramatic poem Peer Gynt from 1867. In Sødorp's old cemetery there is a memorial stone dedicated to Peer Gynt, and every year since 1967 a Peer Gynt-gathering has been organized at Peer Gyntgården, Hågå. The farm consists of 15 old houses. Vinstra is located in the middle of "Peer Gyntveien", which runs from Dalseter to Skei.