Cultural Heritage

Tydal's first church

Situated along Romboleden
At Kirkvollen pilgrimage farm we find remnants of Tydal's first church from about 1200 century ac.


There is little we know about the oldest church. Written sources are not known, and few stored objects can certainly be traced back to it. Two carved ornaments in wood, which today exists in the porch at Tydal Church, we believe with certainty is from the Kirkvoll Church. The ornaments is in a style that professionals have dated to the transitional period between the Romanesque and Gothic style - that is, about the year 1200. This is why we believe the church was built at this time, probably as a stave church.

Today, the site of the old church at Kirkvollen pilgrimgaard lies between the garage and the barn, and you are welcome to visit.

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