Pilegrimsleden | Tromsa bridge
Cultural Heritage

Tromsa bridge

Crossing point for travelers for hundreds of years and a spectacular sight.

The bridge is mentioned in Snorre Sturlasson sagas and Håkon Håkonsson sagas in the 1200s and in Edward Daniel Clarke's account of his travel in Norway in 1791. Clark described it as a remarkable bridge over a terrifying ravine.

Tromsa bridge also played a part in the journey of Georg Jorgen Sinclair and his Scottish army of mercenaries in 1612, during the war between Denmark-Norway and Sweden.

A new bridge of stone was planned in 1827, but no one dared to take on the contract. In 1860 the road was moved and the place lay unused until 1997 when a new wooden bridge was built. From the bridge down there's 28 meters.

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