Cultural Heritage

Tofte Farm

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Tofte was a royal estate under the rule of Harald Harfågre, and royal property in the Middle Ages.


The courtyard at Tofte Farm, with its large and magnificient buildings, represents everything we connect with a Norwegian Royal Estate. Tofte was descirbed as early as in Harald Hårfagre's saga and Håkon Håkonsson built a banquett hall and chapel here in the 13th century.

Tofte served as royal estate until the last parts of the 17th century. The Norwegian historian Gerhard Schøning writes in 1775 that Tofte is both a transport station and a guest house. The oldest building standing today is from 1683. The farm has played an important role in the movement of people over Dovre mountain and was probably a well used accommodation option for pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

The farm is listed, but not open for visitors.

Photo: Johan Meyer / Directorate for Cultural Heritage