Cultural Heritage


Situated along St. Olavsleden
Tinghaugen, from the Old Norse words þing meaning assembly and haugr meaning hill, is close to the medieval church at Logtun. The site is represented by the Frostatinget bautasten at Tinghaugen.


(The name Frostating is linked to Tinghaugen on Loktu (Logtun) at Frosta, where in recent times memorial stones have been erected in memory of the place and what was going on there.)

The frosting was arguably the oldest court and the largest of the four medieval law assemblies in Norway and has a nearly thousand-year history of law and justice!

Every summer, 485 delegates met at the Frostatinget in Frosta in North-Trøndelag to create laws and regulations, enforce and judge by the same laws. It was certainly a lively atmosphere through nearly 1,000 years in medieval Norway. Delegates came to the Frostatinget already from around 600 AD, perhaps perhaps as early as the year 400.