Sygard Grytting - medieval hostel

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Spend the night at a pilgrim attic from the 1300s at this magnificient farm



From NOK 450 per person in pilgrimhostel, NOK 2150 in Hotel (includes dinner and breakfast)


Hotel 1 July - 15 August/ Pilgrim-hostel 15.5 - 15.9 by appointment


At the path


Hostel/cabin. shared shower/WC. Bring sleeping bag. Breakfast NOK 150. Three course dinner NOK 495. Soup NOK 200. Linnen and towel NOK 160.

Sygard Grytting is an old farm estate, today functioning as a hotel. Coal pits, rich grave findings dating back to the 4th century, and Viking burial grounds suggests early settlement and powerful families living in the area. Today's owner Stig Grytting is the 16th generation running the farm. It has been the Grytting’s property at least since 1534, but most likely longer and probably as far back as the 14th century.

Besides the hotel, the site has a medieval attic which is used as a hostel for pilgrims en route to Nidaros – today as well as in late medieval times. The attic is listed and was built in 1300, with small modifications made in 1780. The attic has 20 beds. The guests sleep in their own sleeping bag together with the hostel's sheepskin rug (or rent linen). The attic has a bathroom with shower/wc.

Breakfast and dinner, or "mårraverd" and "nattverd", is served inside the main building You can either enjoy their delicious three course dinner or their pilgrim soup. It is recommended to preorder food.

A restored building, "Fantstugu" offers accommodation in addition to the medieval hostel. Here you'll find a self-catering kitchen, a sauna/drying room, shower/WC and an additional shower. It accommodates up to 2 people.
Outside the high season it's advisable to call before arrival, so there are people to receive you.

This hostel is accredited and recommended by the National Pilgrim Centre. It has met the same requirements, and holds the same standard, as the pilgrim accommodation along Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena.