Svanøy Manor House

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia

Foto: Visit FjordKysten og Sunnfjord

Svanøy manor can trace its history back more than a thousand years.


Biskop Svanes Veg 71, 6914 Svanøybukt

Svanøy is the southernmost and most lush island in Kinn municipality . Here you will find plants and trees that are not usually found in Western Norway, such as holly . Svanøy's history is diverse and goes back a long way. Discover a stone cross, set up in honor of Saint Olaf and a sacrificial place from the Viking Age , when Eric Bloodaxe was born on the island. See more about the key location :

In the Middle Ages there was a wooden church there, which was replaced by a new cross church made of timber (demolished in 1872) on the farm. The large Olavskrossen, which stands where there was a churchyard in early Christian times, was set up in connection with Olav the Saint's Christianization of the country. Artifacts from the old churches are at Svanøy Main Farm.

Hans Nielsen Hauge bought Svanøygodset in 1804 and the island became a gathering place for Haugianans.

The existing buildings were preserved in 1924. You can also spend the night at Svanøy Manor House.