Stave Church in Singsås

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Foto: Nasjonalt Pilegrimssenter

A new stave church was consecrated in 2012 in an old cemetery in central Singsås.


Ved leden

The Stave Church is a great stop for pilgrims, and can also offer shelter over your head should it be necessary.


In addition, there is accommodation possebility in tool house, just above the stave church and the milestone. There are two mattresses here. Contact Egil Myhre (+47 957 51 406)

Singsås old cemetery

The old cemetery at Singsås is one of the oldest cultural monuments in Gauldalen. There may have been a church here for 800 years. And before that time, the "hov" (a norse house of worship) probably stood here. This is evidenced by surrounding burial mounds. Thousands of the nordic predecessors have found their final resting place here. Until 1884 when the new church at Forsethmoen was taken into use and the old church demolished. 20 years later, the cemetery was in danger of becoming pasture. Removal of the old stone wall had already begun. And it seemed to head towards like most other places. That industry or construction should remove the historic place for productions.

But fortunately, foresighted men saw the cultural-historical value of the place. Singsås municipal council decided that the cemetery should be protected in 1910. And a plan for fencing, planting and care was prepared by county gardener Fossum in 1911. This was only partially implemented. In 1912, Singsås municipality erected a memorial stone for the legatee Judge Randulf over the family's burial chamber which was under the choir at the old church.

Over the hundred years that have passed since then, the old cemetery has had varying degrees of maintenance. As mentioned, there have also been requests for construction. As Chr. Lodgaard writes in Singsåsboka: «It was quite right that a new church was built in the center of the village, but the old and venerable tarred church, where the choir and sacristy had been in the stave church until 1684, it should have stood as a magnificent cultural monument ».

Singsås Stave Church

One hundred years after the municipal council's conservation decision, something happened that may seem like a controlled coincidence. Per Sigmund Nordløkken was on a motorcycle trip with friends when on their way home they stopped by the building historical park at Hjerleid in Dovre. He wanted to see the stave church that he showed was listed as part of a course for professionals. This was a copy of Haltdalen Stave Church at Sverresborg in 9/10 size. The stave church was built in exquisite materials and with old craft techniques. As they were about to leave the park, a man came and posted a poster stating that the church was for sale to the highest bidder over 300,000. Then the thought struck Per Sigmund: "This church is going up to Singsås old cemetery". He went straight to Hjerleid and registered as a buyer. In retrospect, one may wonder if this happens by chance. Just a few seconds before departure and the poster about the sale had remained unknown and the church probably ended up in a completely different place. Things just seem to happen randomly. This church wanted to Singsås!

During the traditional olsok worship service at the old cemetery in 2011, Per Sigmund explained the possibility of having a stave church here. Many expressed great interest. After the olsok service, 5 of the interested people were left to discuss whether there was a future for a stave church. And before they went home, they had decided to form a self-appointed committee to work on the case. These were Per Sigmund Nordløkken, Egil Myhre, Kjell Bjarne Rønningsgrind, Harald Høen and Harald Forodden. The "interest group for the construction of a stave church on the old cemetery" was founded and the work could begin!

To make a long story short: The church was bought and money raised among many very generous donors. Singsås Museum and History Team undertook to be the owner and operator of Singsås Stave Church as a separate department with its own committee and finances. The interim acid was asked to continue the work. On 19 April 2012, the National Heritage Board gave permission for the stave church to be erected inside the listed cemetery. And to Olsok, the church was completed with the help of many eager volunteers. On October 2, 2012, Singsås Stave Church was solemnly consecrated by Bishop Tor Singsaas with great participation from both the village people and visitors.

(More about the construction process and the wedding can be read in "Far tå folk" 2012)

Use of the church

The Stave Church has already been used for church services such as Mass, wedding and baptism. It will probably also be used for this in the future. Not as a competitor, but as a supplement to our ordinary church. The small room is a nice setting for simple services, devotionals, small concerts, historical church games and the like. The church should be open so pilgrims and others can go in for prayer or meditation.


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