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St.Torfinn Catholic Church

St.Torfinn Catholic Church

St.Torfinn Catholic Church was built in 1924, named after Thorfinn of Hamar (died 1285) who was the Bishop of the Ancient Diocese of Hamar in medieval Norway (1278–85). He died in the abbey of Ter Doest (Abdij Ter Doest) at Lissewege, Flandern, Belgium

Thorfinn was born in Trøndelag, possibly in Trondheim, and may have been a Cistercian monk before becoming Bishop of Hamar.

There had been an agreement, the Tønsberg Concord (Sættargjerden in Tønsberg) signed in 1277 between King Magnus VI of Norway and Jon Raude, the Archbishop of Nidaros confirming certain privileges of the clergy, the freedom of episcopal elections and similar matters.Thorfinn ​was one of the supporters of this agreement, and became bishop of Hamar the year after. In 1282, King Eric repudiated this agreement, and a fierce dispute between Church and state ensued. Eventually the King outlawed Archbishop Jon Raude, and his two chief supporters, Bishop Andres of Oslo and Bishop Thorfinn of Hamar. Bishop Thorfinn, after many hardships including shipwreck, made his way to the abbey of Ter Doest. He died there on January 8, 1285 and was buried near the altar of the abbey church.

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