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Sør-Fron Church

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
"The Gudbransdalen dome" is Gudbrandsdalen's largest church and one of the finest 18th century churches in Norway






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At the path

The octagonal church was completed in 1792. It was built as the main church in Fron parish and accommodates 750 persons. The special church is built in louis seize-style, which originated in France just after 1750 and gained a foothold in Norway a few decades later. The church's tower stands in the center of the church and pilasters is found in the corners. Outside the church is whitewashed with blue pilasters and a green tower.

The cemetery is fenced with granite, approaching the church at each side of the main entrance, thus creating a monumental hill towards the church. Many gravestones at the cemetary has been preserved. These stones are carved from soapstone, which was widespread used as gravestones in Fron in the period between 1800-1870. The stones are rich in detail and decor, some of them engraved with hymn verses and bibel quotes.

The parsonage which you pass on your way north along the path was first described in 1360, under the name "Svahelle". The place was thus an important church location already in the late middle ages.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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