Pilegrimsleden | Sognslunden
Cultural Heritage


Situated along Borgleden
IMPORANT- CLOSED! Sognslunden is closed due to danger caused by falling trees. At Sognslunden, there are 7 Iron Age grave mounds. During the Second World War, German soldiers used two of the mounds to build a bunker.


Outdoors, accessible all day.


At the path

The German soldiers probably didn’t meet the “owner” of the mound when digging out the bunker. In the Iron Age, the burial practice included cremating the dead. The burnt bones were put in a clay pot, which again was buried in the mound. It was not uncommon to reuse the mound for later burials. The burial mounds in Sognslunden are separated into two different sites, not far from each other. The second burial site is just a short walk inwards from the Pilgrim Way. The mounds are relatively monumental and easy to spot. Both sites are equipped with information signs.

Photo: Østfold fylkeskommune/Ida Charlotte Wendel

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