Skjeberg Church

Situated along Borgleden

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Skjeberg Church is one of Østfold’s 16 preserved medieval churches, and was dedicated in the 12th century, when Christianity was still relatively new in Norway. At this location, you can still clearly see the transmission from Old Norse customs to new.


Prestegårdsbakken 30, 1746 Skjeberg



Prestegårdsbakken 30, 1746 Skjeberg


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Skjeberg Church is a building with many cultural historical highlights. Among these are the runic inscriptions fastened to the outer church walls. The church has two old burial chapels: southeast of the church, you’ll find “The Huitfeldt grave chapel”, which holds the stone sarcophagi of Karen Werenskiold and General Hartvig Huitfeldt. South of the church lies “The Holter grave chapel”, a small brick building covering the memorial of Peder Holter – owner of Hafslund Manor. The soapstone baptismal font is the only part of the inventory left from the Middle Ages.

Photo: Østfold fylkeskommune/Ida Charlotte Wendel