Skaun Parish House

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Foto: Hans Jacob Dahl

Skaun Parish House is an affordable and good alternative for pilgrims in need of accommodation.


Melbyvegen 2, 7357 Skaun


NOK 300 per person,
NOK 200 per person camping


May 15th - Oct 1st


On the trail


Book in advance. Bring own sleeping bag.
Self catering. Fully equipped kitchen. Shower. Shoe dryers. Supermarket close by.

Skaun Parish House offers simple accommodation in dormitory for pilgrims. Centrally located close to Skaun Church.

Skaun Parish House is located next to Skaun Church, and is owned and operated by Skaun congregation on a voluntary basis. A hosting system has been established for the reception of pilgrims for accommodation in the parish hall. Information about who to contact can be found on a board by the entrance. The house welcomes pilgrims in the period 15 May - 1 October.

Skaun Parish House offers simple accommodation in up to 16 field beds/mattresses. Well equipped kitchen. Showers. Shoe dryer. Supermarket is only a short distance from the house.

Dogs are not allowed inside the house.

In the event that the house is booked for christenings, funerals, etc., alternative accommodation can be arranged nearby.