Selja kloster i Stad kommune

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia
Foto: Arild Vonheim
Selja Monastery “The Holy Island of Selja”.

With the legend of Saint Sunniva, Norway got its first holy place, the year before the Christianization at Dragseidet in 997.

In 1068, Selja became the seat of one of three dioceses in the country. Around 1090, Selja Monastery was established as one of the first in the country, and throughout the Middle Ages, pilgrims flocked here. The island of Selja became a hub for international and national shipping.

Today, Selja is one of those unique, quiet, and sacred islands that exist around the world. In fact, it is still a small Catholic diocese - perhaps the world's smallest.

On the island of Selja, you can choose whether to take the boat all the way to the monastery area or stop at Bø and walk one of the three paths to the monastery. See the map below.

You can read more about St. Sunniva, the monastery, at On the website, you will also find a 3D animation of what the complex may have looked like in the 1300s.

Selja Monastery. Photo

Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Photo: Jon Frogner