Segard Hoel

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Rooms for rent in traditional farmhouse



+47 951 02 720 / +47 480 92 003


Holsveien 18, 7335 Jerpstad


Close to the path


From NOK 300


Year around


Serviced hostel. Shared shower / wc. Dinner NOK 150. Breakfast NOK 100. Packed lunch 50 kr. Grocery store at Å, 2 km. Valid currency: NOK.
Note: Food is served in June and July. In August - only when preordered.

Segard Hoel offers accommodation in a traditional farm house and smokehouse. The house has a living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and a loft with several bedrooms. In the cookhouse there is a common room, bathroom with shower, bedroom and loft bedroom. There are a total of 18 beds here.

You can buy breakfast, lunch and dinner, which consists of local and traditional food. Linen can be rented, but you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag. The place is popular among pilgrims and fishers, and is a member of the Norwegian Heritage Organization.

This hostel is accredited and recommended by the National Pilgrim Centre. It has met the same requirements, and holds the same standard, as the pilgrim accommodation along Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena.

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