Cultural Heritage


Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Bente Fekene

Såstad was a farm from the middle ages. The courtyard was located where Såstad Søndre is today. There was a parish church constructed of stone and wood at the farm. Sverres Saga tells a story of a Lendman (a person of high status in norse/medieval Norway) Halvard who hosted a celebration for over 300 people during the opening ceremony of the church (1177). Sverre arrived with a compony of warriors over Mjøsa and ambushed Halvard and the feast. The fights broke out northwest of the farm. Some of Halvards men fell in the battle and he was forced to flee. Såstad was later given to one of Sverres men, as were several other farms in the area.

Legend tells that there was a woman standing on a hill crying during the battle at Såstad. According to another legend, Hemli, the 15 cubits long giant who was killed in the battle, was buried 15 cubits under the surface a bit north. He was buried together with a 15 cubit long goldchain. (15 medieval-cubits are 22.5 feet.)