Cultural Heritage


Situated along St. Olavsleden, Romboleden
The location Sakvikkorsen has most likely got its name after a cross placed here in the Middle Ages. Both the Rombo path and the St. Olav path is passing by here today.

Locals have now placed a 2-3 meter high wooden cross at the same spot where we think the cross must have been standing. There are several benches and a clock tower placed here. You can also see the bay and get a glimpse of Trondheim from this spot.

Saksvikkorsen is located on the border between Trondheim and Malvik at Saksvik, about 500 meters from Saksvik school. The cross is placed 100 m into the forest, next to an ancient burial mound from the Middle Ages. The pilgrim route passes by, but one must take the 100 meters into the forest.

At this spot the pilgrims saw Trondheim for the first time, they could then fall on their knees and thank God for protecting them so far. They could stop here and take a break and get new energy, close to the goal. The same as we can do today aswell. A place for reflection , new energy and joy !

Photo: Kari Vikhammermo

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