Pilegrimsleden | Sakslund
Cultural Heritage


Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Jensens (2007)

Sakslund originally named Lund, but was given its present name in the 1300s by an owner named Saxe. His son, nobleman Ogmund Saxason also lived here. He was the Court, the chief judge at Opplandene. He presumably died in the Black Death epidemic.

From 1614 the Sakslund was privileged as a noble sætegård and belonged for many generations to the noble family Bjelke. It was Hans Bjelke who in 1652 gave the altar to Stange Church. It was the seat of an estate, which included 11 other farms in Stange. The Bjelke family lived beyond their means, by about 1700 they had over 12,000 riksdaler in debt and eventually had to pawn and sell most of the goods. The east end of the main building is built of brick and the stones should be taken from the ruins of the old Hamar.

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