Cultural Heritage

Ringve Botanical Garden

Situated along St. Olavsleden, Romboleden

Foto: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

In the botanical garden at Ringve you can enjoy flowers, a diverse plant life and just relax. The path passes right through!



Lade Allé 58, Trondheim




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Ringve Botanical Garden was established as a university garden in 1973 and is run by The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology. The gardens main tasks are to take care of and develop plant collections used for research and teaching. In addition to spread knowledge of the botanical diversity and contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

The garden covers 32 acres and is beautifully situated on the Lade peninsula, three miles east of the city center. In the midst of the garden is the farm Ringve, dating back to the 1600s. For several centuries Ringve was a manor house for wealthy families from Trondheim, until Ringve museum of music and musical instruments was established here in 1952.

The garden disseminates knowledge about the botanical diversity and the importance of plants to humans and animals. The plants in the botanical garden is thus both an exhibition and a scientific collection.