Reins Kloster | Key Location

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia
Reins Kloster is one of the two key locations in the municipality of Indre Fosen. The monastery is in ruins, but there are still traces of what was previously an important religious and cultural center in Central Norway.


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Reins Monestary

The farm Rein is located on a ridge overlooking the Trondheim Fjord. The farm is first mentioned in Harald Hårfagre's saga (king from around 865 to around 933), but the farm is probably much older. The farm name and location, as well as finds of burial mounds and cairns indicate that Rein may be one of the earliest settled farms in Trøndelag from the Bronze Age about 3000 years ago.

Rein's monastery was established by Duke Skule around 1226. This was a nunnery that probably belonged to the Augustinian order. Magnus Lagabøter's mother came from here, and she is said to have spent her last six years at the monastery. For about 300 years, Rein was an important religious and cultural center in the region.

The ruins of the monastery church from 1226 still characterize the area, although much of the stone is gone. This was reused during the reconstruction of Vår frue Kirke in Trondheim in the 17th century. A park surrounds the monastery today, and here it is nice to walk around on your own. Information has been posted that tells the visitor about the area and the history here.

On the farm Rein it is produced today, among others. a a craft-based organic ice cream under the brand name Reins Ice Cream. Another brand product is Reins Klosters Aquavit - which is also organic. Rein's monastery beer is also prodused at the farm.