Pilegrim Center

Selje Regional Pilgrim Center

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia
Regionalt Pilegrimssenter Selje, Foto: Stad kommune
Selje Regional Pilgrim Center is located in Selje in Stad municipality and the sacred island of Selja is just a short boat trip away. The island of Selja became the first pilgrim destination in the country when Olav Tryggvason found relics in a pit on the island in 996. According to legend the relics were from the God-fearing princess Sunniva, who fled from Ireland when she was to be wed against her will to a heathen Viking chief. St. Sunniva was Norway's first saint and is the only female saint, after she was martyred in a pit on the island.

Contact information:

General manager Tonje Ramse Trædal


+47 92629512


Selje prestegard, Nabben 5, 6740 Selje



Selje Regional Pilgrim Center is one of four regional pilgrim centres along the Kystpilegrimsleia coastal trail. The center assists with advice and guidance for pilgrims, businesses and stakeholders in these five key places:

• Gulatinget in Gulen municipality

• Millstone Park Open Air Museum in Hyllestad municipality

• Kinn Church in Kinn municipality

• Svanøy hovedgård in Kinn municipality

• Selja Monastery in Stad municipality