Pilegrimsleden | Raknehaugen
Cultural Heritage


Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Northern Europe's largest burial mound rises monumental over the Ljøgodt pond.




Year around


At the path

Raknehaugen in Ullensaker is Norway's and Northern Europe's largest burial mounds. It`s located a short distance from Hovin church. The total diameter of the mound is approximately 77 meters. The height of the mound is 15 feet.

The mound belongs to a unique group of large burial monuments from the Migration Period (approx. 400 - approx. 900). Besides being the largest single monument from prehistoric time Raknehaugen also has a dominant position within the Norwegian archaeological history.

The impact of the monumental mound suggests that it is constructed as a demonstration of power. It`s located by the farm Ljøgot, which name comes from Ljóðgata, ie. "the peoples way" or "road where many people travel." The mound was thus raised by a road to be visible and / or easily accessible. And close by there is a hulveg ("sunken road"), shaped by years of use.

According to a local legend the mound holds King Rakne`s grave. He is supposedly buried there between two white horses.

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