Råde Church

Situated along Borgleden

Foto: VikenFotoMedia

Råde Church is clearly visible from the Pilgrim Way, and when you arrive at the church ground you’ll be rewarded with an impressive view of the area.


Sarpsborgveien 34, 1640 Råde



Sarpsborgveien 34, 1640 Råde


By appointment and at services


At the path

The monumental medieval church was built at the end of the 12th century, in Romanesque style, like most of the other medieval churches in Østfold. The church is east-west oriented, like the tradition was in the Middle Ages. Apart from this, the church has gone through many changes since the 12th century: a fire started by a lightning strike lead to significant reparations. Later, the townspeople complained about the church being both dark and cold, which lead to closing of the original entrance on the northside, along with more windows being carved out. The altar piece was made by Knut Billedsnider, and is dated 1638. By the church, there is a sign with more information, in addition to a map showing the Pilgrim Way through Råde.

Photo: Riksantikvaren/Bård Langvandslien