Pilegrimsleden | Prøysenstua
Cultural Heritage


Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Prøysenstua beside Prestvegen road, are the remains of old cotters' farms. The cotter's farm where the famous Norwegian singer and writer Alf Prøysen came from was part of Hjelmstad farm. It was here that Prøysen (1914–1970) grew up. This son of a cotter became one of the most popular and cherished writers and musicians in the post-war period, famous among other things for his depictions of life among poor tenant farmers. The cotter's farm Prøysen had around 60 acres of land. There was a small house, a byre and barn, and they had a cow, a few sheep, a pig and some hens. It has now been restored to how it originally looked.

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