Pilgrim Center Dale-Gudbrand

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Information and accommodation at historical Dale-Gudbrands Gard



Hundorpgeilen, 2647 Sør-Fron


From 400 NOK


1th June - 1st Sept 12-18


At the path


Hostel. Accommodation for pilgrims

Dale-Gudbrands Gard is a pilgrim center, the county of Oppland's millennium site and an event venue. The pilgrim center at the site functions as an information center and also offers simple accommodation with self-catering. The centre is also responsible for developing the path and pilgrimage in the region. The hostel has four rooms and can accommodate up to ten people.

The place is named after Dale-Gudbrand which is believed to be a central Chief living here in the 11th century. Dale-Gudbrand is known for his meeting with St. Olav – then known as Olav Haraldson, King of Norway. The Sagas of Snorre, Heimskringla, describes this meeting which took place during King Olav's Christianization campaign in the valleys between Oslo and Nidaros. According to the legend King Olav met Dale-Gudbrand and the area's farmers and convinced them to adopt Christianity. Dale-Gudbrand also had to build a church at his farm. Both prior and after this event, the farm at Hundorp has been one of the most important estates in the region.

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This hostel/hotel/cabin (sett inn det som passer) is accredited and recommended by the National Pilgrim Center. It has met the same requirements, and holds the same standard, as the pilgrim accommodation along Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena.