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Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Moelv is a small town in Ringsaker municipality, and is located where the river Moelva runs out in Mjøsa lake

Moelv was established as a village with mills and sawmills, and later became a station town when the railroad arrived in 1894. The first industry at Moelv was "Moelven Industrier"; one of the leading suppliers of building materials in Scandinavia. In Moelv you'll also find Norway's oldest brewery; Strand Brænderi, founded in 1843. Seven burial ruins from the Iron Age and one of several cultural monuments in Moelv, are located at the estate of the distillery.

In the village you can find a few shopping centers, pubs and restaurants. Post services can be found in the grocery store; Spar Mjøsbrua, Storgata 130.