The Memorial Park / The St. Hallvard Cathedral

In "Minneparken" (the Memorial Park), or "Ruinparken" (the Ruin Park) as it is also called, you will find the remains of some of medieval Oslo's most important buildings.


Ruinparken, St. Hallvards plass, 0192 Oslo



Ruinparken, St. Hallvards plass, 0192 Oslo


All year around.
Guided tours every Sun. at 15:00 and Wed. at 18:00 in the summer season.


On the trail

As part of Medieval Oslo, the park contains the ruins of Oslo's first cathedral - the Hallvard's Cathedral, as well as the Olav's Monastery and the Church of the Cross.

The Hallvard Cathedral was built in the early 1100s as a Romanesque basilica, with a central tower and transept. The church was used until 1660, and the last remnants of the building was demolished around 1780. The Olav's Monastery (Dominican Order), built in 1240, was a conversion of the former St. Olav's Church.

The Church of the Cross was a small parish church for the northern part of the city. The ruins show the outline of the church, and the lower parts of the south doorway. You can see the remains of the shrine foundation, and the remains the cemetery wall surrounding the church.

Officially opened in 1932 the park's main attraction was the ruins of St. Halvard Cathedral.

Photo: Helge Høifødt / Wikimedia Commons

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