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The Milestone in Oslo - start and goal

In the Old Town of Oslo, by the ruins of St. Hallvard's Cathedral, there is a milestone with the inscription "643 km to Nidaros". This is the start of the Pilgrimsleden to Trondheim, also known as the Gudbrandsdalsleden. The milestone also marks the end of Tunsbergleden and Borgleden.

How to find the Milestone?

On your first day of walking, you will begin your journey at the first milestone which is located in Minneparken by St. Hallvardsplass (there is a bus and tram stop nearby). The easiest way to get there from Oslo Central Station is to walk Dronning Eufemias gate, along the Barcode buildings through Bjørvika, and then follow Bispegata to what used to be the centre of Oslo in the Middle Ages, where Bispegata crosses Oslo gate. Here you will find St. Hallvardsplass. It takes about half an hour to walk from Oslo S.

The Milestone - 643 km to Nidaros

Vis a vis Oslo Ladegård you see a wall with a gate. At the gate you will see pilgrim mark on the wall. Go through the gate and you will come to the ruins of St.Hallvard's Cathedral and the first milestone where it says "643 km to Nidaros".

Get your first stamp in your pilgrim passport

Now on your way, we recommend you go through the ruins of the cathedral and out the other side, where you will find St.Hallvards gate. To your left you will see a large yellow building - this is the Bishops office in Oslo. We recommend that you visit the bishop's office and get what many thinks is the most beautiful stamp on the pilgrimage route between Oslo and Trondheim, it is the old bishop's seal that is used today as a pilgrim's stamp. The bishop's office was built on the ruins of St. Olav's monastery. Today you can experience a chapel made in the ruins of the monastery here. After getting your first stamp you will walk up St. Hallvards gate towards Galgeberg (Gallows Hill), the place where executions would have been carried out at the entrance to the medieval town.

Oslo's patron saint - St. Hallvard

St. Hallvard was related to Olaf the Saint. When Olav fell in the battle at Stiklestad, Hallvard was 10 years old. St. Hallvard's Cathedral was the second largest church in the Middle Ages, only Christ Church in Trondheim, which we know today as Nidaros Cathedral, was larger. The Hallvard Cathedral, which is now in ruins, was a sister church to Gamle Aker church and looked almost identical, only larger. St. Hallvard is still the patron saint of Oslo.

St. Hallvard, the patron saint of Oslo.