Meslo Alberge

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Spend the night at the enjoyable "Mastu"



Orkdalsveien 848, 7392 Rennebu


From NOK 350 per person, incl linnen.
From NOK 600,- incl dinner, breakfast, lunchpack
(You can pay by card).


Year around


At the path


Serviced hostel. Dinner and breakfast with packed lunch available. Shared shower / wc.
Currency: NOK / EUR, Credit Card: yes

Near the village Stamnan in Rennebu you'll find the farm Oppstuggu Melso where accommodation is offered in a cozy and newly renovated log cabin called "Mastu". The cabin has two floors, and the first floor has a furnished living room with radio and TV and a small kitchen with refrigerator, stove and kitchen appliances.

On the farm you'll meet friendly people and animals, and find a variety of activities. There is both attended and unattended accommodation here, and there will always be a self-catering option open.

New for the season 2018: a small timberlogget house, 2 beds and a place for the dog - and a restingplace for those who just pass and ned some water or/and a place to sit down.

Meslo is located very conveniently if you are fond of salmon fishing. It is just a short walk of half a kilometer to the river Orkla. Stay for a couple of days and explore the area with a trip to the summer farm, do some fishing in the mountain or rent a canoe.