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Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Bente Fekene
Matkvartalet (The Food Quarter) in Hamar center, offers local specialities and street food from around the world.


Torggata 13, 2317 Hamar



Monday: 11 – 21
Tuesday: 11 – 21
Wednesday: 11 – 21
Thursday: 11 – 21
Friday: 11 – 21
Saturday: 11 – 21
Sunday: 12 – 21

The opening hours vary, but the food wuarter i open every day. For information, visit home page or


By the path.

The food quarter is located in a newly renovated townhouse from 1910 in the center of Hamar. Here you will find butcher, country store, coffee distillery, microbrewery, delicacies and bakery. In the sheltered backyard you can enjoy exotic street food with flavours spanning the globe - for lunch or dinner. You can also order takeaway.