Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden

Anna Runesson

Unattended cabin. Note that Lysjøhimet is no longer a free accommodation. Remember to pay NOK 100 per person before leaving (cash in the money box).


Lysjøen, 2080 Eidsvoll


NOK 100.
Pay by Vipps 571881 (Tunfrua) or by cash in the money box.


Open May - September


On the trail


Unattended cabin. No electricity. Outhouse. No cooking facilities. Water in the stream close by for drinking water. Bring own sleeping bag and food.

This small cabin by Lake Lysjøen offers one bedroom, kitchen and living room with a fireplace. Fire wood can be fetched from the shed. The cabin has three beds, and it's possible to sleep on the living room floor if you have a sleeping pad.

Water in the stream close by for drinking water.

The cabin is privately owned and made ​​available for pilgrims.

There are some good swimming spots by Fløyta Lake and Lyssjøen Lake.