Restaurants or cafés

Lian restaurant

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Lian Restaurant is the city's third oldest restaurant and has been serving popular traditional food since 1933




Lianvegen 36, 7025 Trondheim, Norway


+47 72 56 51 10

Opening hours

Wednesdays: 12 -15
Sundays: 12-16.30

In 1933 the tram company Gråkallbanen bought the old farm at Lian and built the distinctive round functionalist building which since that time has been the distinctive mark of the Lian Restaurant. Lian is the city's third oldest restaurant that has had a continuous operation.

The couple Anna and Ingolf Vanvik took over the Lian Restaurant in 1953. In the years that followed, their daughter Helen and her husband Jan Schjølberg engaged in the operation. The restaurant was run by the family Vanvik / Schjølberg until 1996.

In 2005 Inge Johnsen and Elisabeth Skonseng bought it when they realized they had found the perfect place to cultivate their motto "a lasting sensory experience for a collection of of people" and "locally produced food enjoyed in good company with others."

Lian Restaurant has a lot of history in the walls, and we love to tell the story of the restaurant, on a lasting sensory experience of local food. Welcome to the historical experience at Lian Restaurant.

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