Pilegrimsleden | Lia Gård retreat center

Lia Gård retreat center

Situated along Østerdalsleden
A lovely retreat area far away from pavements under an open sky. Lia Gård is a nice stop for wayfarer on their journey.






62 46 65 00



Norway’s largest retreat center has a wide range of offers and approximately 9.000 guest-nights per year. Lia Gård plays a central role in the pilgrimage work in the Valley Østerdalen. The retreat center has organized pilgrimages and welcomed pilgrims for many years. There is a church and two chapels nearby where daily prayers are being hold. Two pilgrim cottages are located at Sørlia with room for 5-6 persons. Electricity and water are accessible.

The retreat center Lia Gård is located about 8 kilometers away from Koppang with the train station (Rørosban) and several shopping facilities.

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