Kongsvold Mountain Lodge

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Kongsvold fjeldstue will have a new host in 2020. Until the new host is running the place - contact Pilgrimcenter Dovrefjell. Phone +47 924 83 147 or e-mail:




+47 900 84 802


Dovrevegen 3663, Dovrefjell, 7340 Oppdal


Pilgrims: 400 pr p in room with 4 beds, booking only one day before arrival. Hotel: from 775 in double room. Book in advance, min. one day before arrival.


Kongsvold fjeldstue open from mars - medio october. Pilgrimbeds available 1. June - 1. September.


At the path


Special price for pilegrims with pilgrim passport

Kongsvold Mountain Lodge is an historic hotel with traditions back to the 12th century. The oldest building at the site stems from 1720.

Already in the 12th century a small hostel was established in the area in order to make the mountain pass safe for travellers. Later the mountain lodges was built to serve the same purpose and Kongsvold became one of these in 1670.

Originally Kongsvold was located two km north of where it is situated today, but after a landslide damaged one of the houses in 1701 Kongsvold was moved. The lodge was given its name in 1704 by King Fredrik lV.

During the Great Northern War in 1718 Kongsvold and the other mountain lodges in the area was burnt to the ground by Norwegian soldiers. They had to stop the Swedish Carolininan army from getting supplies and shelter. The strategy worked and the Swedish vanguard stopped and returned only 10 km north of Kongsvold. Kongsvold was rebuilt in 1720 and the oldest houses at the site probably stems from this time. A lot have happened since then and Kongsvold has transformed itself from a transport station to comfortable mountain lodge.

The site offers accommodation in 32 rooms with shower and wc. They have a dining hall, fireplace lounge and more. The kitchen is known for its good food and inspired by the mountains in the area.

Kongsvold has received a number of awards, among others the Foundation of Norwegian Heritage's "Olavsrosa". It has also been hand picked by Innovation Norway as one of the 50 best dining- and accommodation sites in Scandinavia.

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