Situated along Østerdalsleden
Simple and nice accomodation in the second floor of a restored smithy


+ 47 950 24 526 / +47 950 93 488



Flååsvegen 151, 7234 Ler




Year around


By the path. 31 km to Trondheim


No electricity or water in the house. Bring sleeping bag, food and cooking equipment. Access to water. Nearest grocery store is at Ler

On the farm Kirkflå, you can get a simple, but historic accomodation, in the second floor of a newly restored smithy.

The room has two beds, but also a lot of space on the floor for sleeping mats. You will also find a nice seeting area, where you can enjoy your meal. There is no heat or electricity in the house, but you have access to water. There is a well-held outhouse (old-fashioned non-flushing toilet) in the end of the farmhouse.

This smithy is always open, year around. The hosts at the farm are so friendly and helpful, such a nice atmosphere.

The Norwegian Fund for National Heritage Site has made a nice video, that shows the restored building, and the story behind it (norwegian is spoken).

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