The Old Smithy at Kirkflå

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Foto: Norsk Kulturminnefond

Simple and historic accomodation in the second floor of a restored smithy.


Flååsvegen 151, 7234 Ler


150,- pr.person


Year around


By the path


Bring sleeping bag and food. Access to water and electricity. Nearest grocery store is at Ler.

The farm at Kirkflå offers simple accommodation on the second floor of a newly restored smithy. On the farm there are friendly and helpful hosts, who are always happy to welcome pilgrims.

The forge has 3 beds on the second floor, but also plenty of floor space for sleeping mats. Otherwise, there is a pleasant dining table with chairs.

The smithy has electricity and a small kitchen with a dormitory stove and kitchen utensils. The smithy can be heated a little by a oil radiator. There is no running water in the building, but you have access to water. An out house can be found at the end of the barn.

The Norwegian Fund for National Heritage Site has made a nice video, that shows the restored building, and the story behind it (norwegian is spoken).