Kinn church in Kinn municipality

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia

Photo: Knut Magne Nesse

Kinnakyrkja is one of the oldest stone churches in Norway, probably built only in the 12th century, and is a cultural monument of international format.


St. Sunniva-vegen 34, 6912 Kinn

Legend has it that the Kinna church was built on the rugged west side of the island because it was here that a group belonging to the herd that escaped from Ireland together with St. Sunniva settled here (see Selje monastery and the Sunniva legend ).

One of the boats that set out from Ireland in Sunniva's company drifted ashore at Kinn. Here, in the same way as at Selja, there is a stone cave in which the saints are said to have sought shelter. The cave is called Byrjehellaren , and here there is a sign of a building. In the mountain just above Kinna church lies Bornihellaren . Borni was supposed to be Sunniva's sister.

The legend of Borni and the kinship with Sunniva probably made Kinn a pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages. Kinn church is open on summer time .

The Kinn church. Foto
The Kinn church with Kinnaklova

Photo: Visit FjordKysten og Sunnfjord

Inside of Kinn church. Photo

Photo: Visit FjordKysten og Sunnfjord