Kari Maries summer residence

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Foto: Kari Marie

Small and cosy residence with 4 beds




May 1st - August 31st.


1,5 km from the path. 81 km to Trondheim.


Closest super market is at Forsetmoen, by Singsås church.

Here you can stay in nice surroundings 150 meter from the river Gaula, ca 1,5 km from the Pilgrim path. 2 beds each in two small houses. The barn, with charming old wooden walls, holds a shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

The price includes linen and towels. For information about prices, please contact the host at 917 46 303.

Houses primarily salmon fishers, but are happy to house pilgrims as well.

Open from May until August.

a small kitchen

Foto: Kari Marie

a single bed in the corner of the room

Foto: Kari Marie