Kampen Church

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Amidst the low wooden buildings of Kampen this stately church rises




+47 236 29 160


Bøgata 1, 0655 Oslo


Close by the path


Sunday service 11.00.

Kampen church is a three-aisled nave church from 1882. It is built in unplastered red brick and kept in a simple Gothic Revival style. A major fire in the quarter between Bøgata and Normannsgata made ​​the choice of church site easier and construction could begin in 1879. It was designed by architect Jacob Wilhelm Nordan.

The altarpiece from 1884 shows women at the tomb on Easter morning, and was done by Axel Ender.

Photo: Kampen church seen from Normannsagata. Thordivel / Wikimedia Commons

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