Cultural Heritage


Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Visit the ancient ruins of the home of Einar Tambarskjelve


Husaby, 7357 Skaun

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Year around

Einar Tambarskjelv is one of the most central persons in the sagas and described as "the strongest man and the best bowman ever to have set foot in Norway" and the "most powerful and distinguished man in Trøndelag". Allegedly he played an important role in Olav Haraldsson's canonization.

Little remains of the farm, but the contours of the old farm church which was built around 1040 can be seen. Next to the ruins a memorial stone in memory of Tabarskjelv is erected.

In medieval times Husaby, covering 3000 acres, was the Archbishop's largest estate in Skaun. Archaeological discoveries suggests that the farm have been home to great men and chiefs since the Viking Period.

Husaby is perhaps best known from Sigrid Undset's Nobel Prize winning novel, Kristin Lavransdatter, where the main characters Kristin and her husband Erlend lived in Husaby.

Every year the festival Kristin is arranged where you can experience theater, literature seminars, hikes, exhibitions, church concerts and ecumenical church services.