Hognabua | Cabin

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Foto: Singsås Fjellstyre

The mountain supervision offer accommodation in new cabin by the lake Forollsjøen.




By the path

This is a smal cabin with one bed ment for emergancy stays. There is also a closed of room with 4 beds which can be accessed by booking the cabin in advance. The key is stored in a codebox on the cabin. Bring sleeping bag, sleeping mat and food. Tha cabin have a wood stove and cooking facillities.

Hognabua cabin can be booked here at

To get the code, one must contact the responsible person of the cabin, which are Odd Torolf Lein (phone 41 23 44 97), Thomas Talsnes (Phone 95702898) or the Mountain Supervition (phone 99554891) After the cabin is booked at

link to Hognabua at