Cultural Heritage

Hammerstad in Stange

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Hammerstad in Stange

The farms in this area have been of significant value due to all the interesting items discovered in the area.

A Celtic necklace; the only one of its kind in Norway was found here and a bronze ring in a marsh (sacrificed in a pond to a fertility goddess in the Celtic Iron Age). As well as roman bronze and silver buckle at Hammerstad (300 meters east). 400 meters south is a 4-meter high tumulus close to the farm Hommerstad. Several items from the Viking Age (900s) have been discovered, and a sword from the early Iron Age, with animal ornamentation on the pommel and the smith's name, Ulfberth, on the blade, as well as a unique bone shape that may represent a "ulvhedne" (Viking warrior with predator mask).

There have also been findings close to the road we are walking on. Among them: two gold arm rings and a bronze knife from the Late Bronze Age. Two beautiful silver buckles from the Roman period found in a removed tumulus, are exhibited at Domkirkeodden in Hamar.

In the old days when the pilgrims walked here, there were far more tumulus to see, at least 1,000 in central Strange. Most were removed due to the more intensive agriculture from the mid-1800s. First, in 1905 it became illegal to destroy heritage monuments. The cultural landscape was also different from the present. The large filed areas are of recent date.

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