Cultural Heritage

Halle old Church Site

Situated along St. Olavsleden
Halle church was located along the road from Jämtland to Trøndelag and the Cathedral in Nidaros.Halle church was made of wood, and wooden churches from that era were built as stave churches. The church was furnished with beautiful ornaments and was beautifully painted inside.

In the Middle Ages, a wooden church was situated here dedicated to St. Ægeidius. Churches dedicated to him can often be found along pilgrim trails. 1. September, which is the Ægeidius mass, is an important day in regards to weather. If this day brings rain, there will be enough water for the mill. It is therefore reasonable to believe that St. Ægeidius' function is to protect against drought.

On June 21, 1815, lightning struck the Halle church tower, and everything burned down. The church was then in poor condition and was scheduled to be demolished. The new Vinne Church was consecrated on 29. July 1817. In the summer of 1983, a memorial stone was erected at the old church site.