Cultural Heritage

The Gulating

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia

Foto: Vidar Lie

A thousand years ago, before the Norwegian Parliament, Courts, and Courts of Appeal, our governance was centered around 'Things'.


Eivindvikvegen 708, 5966 Eivindvik

The 'Things' were political assemblies with legislative, judicial, and executive powers. These 'Things' were the origins of our laws. Among them, the Gulatinget stood out as one of the oldest and largest assemblies in the Nordic region, giving rise to the Gulating Act, the oldest preserved law collection in the Nordic countries.

Located at Flolid, just 4 km east of Eivindvik, the Millennium City stands as a testament to the historical significance of the Gulatinget. This beautiful park, situated where the parliament moved after the springs, showcases Bård Breivik's monumental art installations, including the majestic "Tingveggen" (The 'Thing' wall).

Tingveggen. Photo

Photo: Vidar Lie

Eivindvik Church. Photo

Photo: Vidar Lie

Stonecross in Eivindvik. Photo

Photo: Vidar Lie