Cultural Heritage

Burial site

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Skedsmo medieval church and the burial site at Sten-Tærud.

Skedsmo church was inaugurated in the 1200s to St.Olav. A wooden church was supposedly erected on the same site as todays stone church by Olav Haraldsson (St. Olav) already in 1022, when the area became Christian. This wooden church may have been one of the oldest original churches in Akershus county. The stone church is the oldest building in Skedsmo. It`s baptismal font is made of soapstone and can be traced back to the stone church entry period, approx. year 1200.

The original wooden church must be seen in relation to the large Iron Age burial ground located approx. 250-300 m north and northwest of Skedsmo Church, by Sten-Tærud school. We know today that the cemeteries in prehistory also served as venues for rituals and gatherings of social and / or religious nature.

Possible chosen to consolidate the new Christian faith precisely in this place where pagan customs and rituals for centuries had been practiced. In the largest burial ground, there are currently 17 known burial mounds, of which 13 are circular mounds and 4 are long mounds. Surveys of the mounds in 1867 revealed a number of artifacts. Burial is thus probably from the early Iron Age (600-1030).

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