Cultural Heritage


Granavollen is an ancient center at Hadeland and Gran municipality's millenium place


At the path

Granavollen has served as a center for religion, politics and culture in Hadeland and Eastern Norway for probably more than 2,000 years. The place is also an ancient crossroads. Here, two routes from Oslo meets. One through Nittedal and Lunner, the other through Ringerike and Jevnaker.

The Sister Churches, St. Mary's Church and St. Nicholas Church, located here are perhaps the most famous village churches in Norway. The churches dates back to the 1100s, but were extended in the second half of the 1200s. Steinhuset, the Stone House, located just west of Granavollen at Gran rectory, is another unique medieval building from approx. year 1200.

Granavollen also consists of the farm Sjo where the writer and journalist Aasmund Olafson Vinje (1818-1870) died. He is buried in the cemetery near by.

The old municipality building from 1847 is also found here. The house was built as a multi-purpose hall for public meetings and school. Today the house is used by clubs, associations and church.

Granavolden Gj├Žstegiveri offers accommodation close to the churches. Sanner Hotel and Jomfruburet is situated just a few hundred meters east of the churches, while Hotel Hadeland is about. 500 m further on the path.