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Oppland county's largest city




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With its 28 600 residents Gjøvik is the largest municipality in Oppland county. Gjøvik is a city rich in culture and offers a range of both national and local theaters, concerts and festivals. Gjøvik emerged around the Gjøvik glass factory, founded in 1807.

The city is home to the world's largest audience hall built inside a mountain. Gjøvik Olympian Mountain Hall, which were built for the XVll Olympian Winter Games in Lillehammer in 1994, has seats for a whopping 5830 people.

The Skibladner House is a landmark in Gjøvik and the paddle steamer Skiblander, which sails at the lake Mjøsa during the summer, docks here for the winter. The interaction of the water surface and the glass construction gives an unique acoustic - something which can be experienced during the many concerts hosted here.

Gjøvik Church (1882) is another attraction worth a visit. It is constructed of timber and is one of few churches in Norway built in Neo-Gothic style.

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