Cultural Heritage

Gammelbua - information point for pilgrims

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Museum shop at Rennebu Nedre Handelsforening


Voll, 7393 Rennebu


Daily 10 -15, June 20th - August 20th
Off season, on request

Open Church

Rennbu Church is open on request


One the trail, 101 km to Trondheim.

Gammelbua is located along the trail, in the center of Voll, 250 meters before Rennebu church. The shop was in operation for almost 100 years, as it appears today, until a new shop was opened nearby in 1971. Gammelbua offers accommodation on nearby farms.

In the museum shop you will find an information desk for pilgrims and other visitors. Here you can get information about places to stay, churches, grocery stores, eateries, rest areas and more for the last 101 km of Gudbrandsdalsleden towards Nidaros Cathedral. Guiding in Rennebu church can be arranged on request.

Contact person: Joar Fjellstad, Nørgar Voll (+47) 995 42 018, or e-mail: